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Time & Attendance Tracking

  • Easy and quick tool for employees to use.
  • Manage employees attendance issues- identify habitual late arrivals or prolonged breaks.
  • Prevent timesheet fraud- employees' location is recorded on clock in and out.
  • Pay only for actual hours/minutes worked, not rough estimates.

Project Costs & Estimating

  • Reduce project cost creep by monitoring overtime hours.
  • Easily view labor costs by day, week, pay period or project.
  • Ensure billable hours reflect actual work completed.
  • Improve project estimating with labor cost histories.

Payroll Made Simple

  • Eliminate the stress of paper timecards, missing timesheets and email entries.
  • Costly payroll errors and and corrections replaced by reliable, automated calculations.
  • Real-time totals of billable hours in one click for easy invoicing.

Low Cost, Stress-Free Business Tool

  • Free one-month trial with no payment information or obligation required.
  • Lowest-cost, full-featured timesheet app on the market.
  • No complex system to learn. Easy, clear, simple and quick to use for managers and employees.
  • Users consistently report Employee Link is simple, effective and has improved their business.

Employee Link Delivers

Pay Period Summaries

View total labor and cost for each pay period or by month

Simple Clock-ins

Easy for your employees to track their time

Faster Pay Days

Know exactly how many hours your employees have worked on pay day

Easy Employee Registration

We will send your employees a free text message link

Customized Notifications

Get notified when select employees enter hours

Job Labor Calculation

Find out how much you spend on labor for a selected date range

New Features

We Listen to Our Users

We had requests from many companies using Employee Link to add email exporting. Our development team got busy and added the new feature. This app was built for you!


Words From Our Users

This app had ended my timesheet chaos - no more emails or lost paperwork.

Tony Short

Great and easy to use

David Cameron

Handy for my small business, my guys clock in their hours and it makes it simple and quick to track and pay.

Tony Short

Very helpful for helping to keep track of my hours throughout the work week. A few clicks and it's done

R Allison

Really easy to use

Cooper Schmidt

Pricing Plan

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Save 40%


  • Links up to 5 employees
  • All features enabled
$ 9.99 /Month


  • Links up to 20 employees
  • All features enabled
$ 19.99 /Month


  • Links unlimited employees
  • All features enabled
$ 29.99 /Month

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